What I eat

I’ve been accused of being both grossly unhealthy and obsessively excessively healthy… It’s not difficult to eat well and eat a wide variety of good, healthy food… and have your cake and eat it, too. What is difficult, like with most things, is establishing a new and improved habits to replace old patterns.

I have a general eating habit pattern I like to follow… which I will lay out below… I’m not suggesting you eat the same way I do. You can try it if you want, but be aware I’m not consistent… as per the notes I’ll add at the end… because variety is important… and, to me, trying ALL THE VEGAN THINGS!!1 even if they’re garbage is important – fun… I don’t want my body to get too inflexible! I want to keep my digestive system on its toes, mix up my gut workout routine a bit now and then… 😉