Vegan Unit Study

Coming soon: free vegan unit study guide for primary school children… and later, a more philosophy/ethics-heavy program of study for high school students.

This Vegan Unit Study will be a literature-based 4-week+ program that includes reading books about veganism, watching age-appropriate films and videos, and will include writing and art projects, history and science content, and – of course – some food prep and cooking. :)

A Unit Study is an intensive course that draws on skills and information from several different traditional subject areas. For example the Vegan Unit Study guide will include elements from history, science, philosophy, literature, physical education, and the arts.

Unit Studies are popular with home educators who have children committed to pursuing specific strong interests rather than a more varied generalist education, and also among non-homeschooling parents who want to extend their child’s education beyond the basics covered in the school room with extracurricular studies. Unit Studies may be the norm – some homeschooling families thrive off completing one unit study after the other – or unit studies can be used as occasional projects to help develop different thinking, learning, interdisciplinary skills.

Unit Studies can help children learn how to research in greater depth through a long term commitment to accumulating material and developing mastery of a subject. It can result in greater information retention and improved independent learning skills.

Examples: Build Your Library Unit Studies | Misc a2z Unit Study material