Vegan MoFo + moving interstate

Haven’t had much of a chance – much energy left! – for blogging while we’re in the process of relocating, but I have tried to keep up with Vegan MoFo on Instagram.

A last meal out before we move –

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View from our new place that we’re renting before finding somewhere more permanent –

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Sunset in the other direction –

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Fuji Wuji Snowflake is quite happy with his new place… peeking around corners –

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… and lying in sunbeams.

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Taking the kids for a climb on the dice at a nearby park –

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Picking up delicious bakery products from a new all-vegan bakery on the Gold Coast, Flour Of Life, midway between our old place and new place while moving – TVP meat pies, seitan chicken pies, boston bun (and a few other bits consumed before the photo! Potato-topped pies and sausage rolls and cinnamon doughnuts) –

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One of the first visitors to our new place… and probably among the tiniest we’ll have…

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Grabbing some snacks from the all-vegan café 2 doors up from our building(!) –

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Trying out the new kitchen –

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Lunch today! Including some PINK FOOD.

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A few more pics and pieces over at my Instagram.

Now we are connected to the NBN(!) I have fewer excuses not to blog… 🙂

… apart from endless unpacking, organising and reorganising, trying to keep the children entertained at the same time, and worrying about how the kitty is settling in. 💖

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Eating out at Tian Ran on the Gold Coast

Vegan Mofo
Week 1: 1st-6th November 2016 Treat Yourself (and others)!
November 4th: Eating out – Where do you eat when you want someone else to cook for you?

Tian Ran means “Nature” in English. We cater Vegetarian and Vegan Asian Cuisine. Our cooking is free from meat, dairy, alcohol, garlic, onions and MSG. We also have a Gluten-free menu. All our vegetable “meats” are protein substitutes made from soy, wheat, yam, seaweed and mushroom. We strive to serve pure food full of goodness and flavour.

Tian Ran Vegetarian Restaurant was around before I went vegan, and even before I moved out of home to go to university in Queensland… so it’s been around for at least 65 million years. Herbivorous dinosaurs and peace-loving, well-travelled Neanderthals probably dined there. You can read about their long history at their Facebook page. Familar faces at the restaurant – Ruth, her family, and Eric – are well-loved on the Gold Coast. Everything on the menu is vegan and said menu is on the enormous side! This leads to a lot of confusion when one’s motto is EAT ALL THE VEGAN FOODS. My daughter first dined there when she was only 8 months old!

After a quick trip to the beach…

at the beach

… and a game of Bury My Sister…


… it was on to Tian Ran for dinner.

Starters. Pan-fried dumplings. Always exciting.


Curry puffs and spring rolls.

curry puffs

fried spring rolls

On to the main dishes… Salt and pepper tofu! Always a fave.

salt and pepper tofu

Broccoli & cauliflower stir-fry. So crisp, saucy, and delicious.

broccoli and cauliflower

Beef in black bean sauce. Their beef is a mushroom-flavoured seitan and it is A+ delicious. The sauce is just right, not too salty.

Beef in black bean

Eggplant fish hotpot seems to be a fave with all my friends who enjoy Tian Ran… but not with my kids. MORE FOR ME! Mine is an evil laugh.

eggplant fish hotpot

Mee goreng. Because spicy noodles. So peppery the camera couldn’t focus on them properly… Yeah, that’s it.

mee goreng

Sometimes when we’ve ordered spicy dishes and curries at Tian Ran they’ve been quite mild but perhaps today was a good day to die… or at least get a little bit of delightful mouth burn on. Sadly my 5yo was not too thrilled about it.

But he was pretty thrilled with the rest of it.

nom dumpling

Tian Ran has a fun Instagram page featuring yummy games of What Dish Is This? and glorious Gold Coast sunsets.

I’m moving very soon and won’t be so close to Tian Ran anymore. I’m going to miss them.


vegan month of food

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