Home Ed Registration in Australia

In our state New South Wales (NSW) in Australia the reporting standards are said to be quite demanding, but our Appointed Person (AP) is very happy with my basic, yet thorough, documentation. I have made a small effort to mirror how a teacher might write a curriculum, and it wasn’t significantly extra work since it helps me keep track of where we stand relative to the standard Australian curriculum and makes the registration process go smoothly. As a bit of an academic geek, I have to admit I kind of enjoyed learning about standard education industry practices and had fun creating some of the paperwork involved with registration… Yep, I’m definitely a weirdo!

If you’re in Australia and at a loss when it comes to the registration process, check out the registration help packs available from the Home Education Association or surf the various Australian homeschool communities on Facebook for guidance, or even the vegan homeschool community which has a few Australians on-board, or get in-contact with me if you prefer. My experience with registration has only been positive, although a tad time-consuming, at least the first time around. The confirmation that we are exceeding standard requirements has been both a relief and a confidence booster for a worrier like me… The state is there to help!… ha. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to write that. 😉

… I will extend this section in the future… Please contact me if you’d like me to add something specific about how I do things…

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