Vegan MoFo + moving interstate

Haven’t had much of a chance – much energy left! – for blogging while we’re in the process of relocating, but I have tried to keep up with Vegan MoFo on Instagram.

A last meal out before we move –

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View from our new place that we’re renting before finding somewhere more permanent –

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Sunset in the other direction –

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Fuji Wuji Snowflake is quite happy with his new place… peeking around corners –

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… and lying in sunbeams.

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Taking the kids for a climb on the dice at a nearby park –

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Picking up delicious bakery products from a new all-vegan bakery on the Gold Coast, Flour Of Life, midway between our old place and new place while moving – TVP meat pies, seitan chicken pies, boston bun (and a few other bits consumed before the photo! Potato-topped pies and sausage rolls and cinnamon doughnuts) –

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One of the first visitors to our new place… and probably among the tiniest we’ll have…

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Grabbing some snacks from the all-vegan café 2 doors up from our building(!) –

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Trying out the new kitchen –

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Lunch today! Including some PINK FOOD.

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A few more pics and pieces over at my Instagram.

Now we are connected to the NBN(!) I have fewer excuses not to blog… 🙂

… apart from endless unpacking, organising and reorganising, trying to keep the children entertained at the same time, and worrying about how the kitty is settling in. 💖

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2016 in pizzas… Australia, Vietnam, and beyond!

The Vegan MoFo topic for November 1st is:
Your favourite food – What is your favourite food? Make it and share!

My favourite food is… ALL THE FOOD. Seriously, how does one choose? I haven’t a clue. Among my many beloved foods is pizza. I usually eat it at least once a week.

I’m going to post some Insta-spam shots of a few pizzas I’ve eaten this year… those that I remembered to photograph before eating, because usually face-stuffing is usually prioritised over food photography around here.


Today’s pizza! Just some wheat tortillas with some delicious toppings and a tiny bit of shredded Biocheese and olive oil+nooch dressing. Nice, simple, reliable lunch… but it’s Spring in Australia and starting to get bloody hot already. Might have to stop using the oven at midday soon… but first, pizza.

The first all-vegan pizza outlet opened on the Gold Coast this year – Feed The Earthlings. The pizzas are beyond compare, the best takeaway pizzas… of all time! Generous veg and Tofurkey toppings, plenty of cheese. And they’re about to open a second outlet closer to my place!… right when I’m about to move to another city. Oh well! I’m so happy that business is booming though. They also do amazing burgers and great fish’n’chips.

What do vegans eat in Hanoi? A lot of delicious Vietnamese food from the many, many fab vegan restaurants around the city… and also pizza. Of course. After we’d been in Hanoi for my partner’s work for a few weeks, I was craving beans and bready products. Don’t get me wrong, I love, Love, LOVED all the many varities of seitan and vegetable stirfries, noodles and rice… but sometimes a gal just wants basic beans and a starchy pizza, y’know? So we sought out a western-style vegan eatery in a more heavily-touristed part of the city – we were renting an apartment in a building closer to the CBD with local Vietnamese families and a few US marines… Anyway, that delicious mushroom pesto pizza was worth the trip!

Pudla + pizza toppings = srsly delicious. If the pic didn’t look so much like vomit, I’m sure more people would try it… Maybe someone else out there can make it look less scary than me…?

Okay, this isn’t pizza. But I did my best to make this lasagna as pizza-ish as possible!

Lasagna & an interested fat orange striped cat courtesy of the 4yo.

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Rainbow pizza! With an unconventional gluten-free crust composed of food processored beans and grains – a nifty base style based on the pizzas in Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Diet.

Leftover pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… another with a Thrive Diet style base. It’s not pillowy and soft like a good wheat base but it’s very more-ish… and helpful if you’re trying to up your iron intake. Both the base and the cheese sauce are bean-based!

A couple of pizzas made it into my 2015 best nine as well… of course. Who doesn’t double tap pizza? <3

#2015bestnine🌟 / 2015deliciousness.

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Vegan MoFo 2016 - corn banner

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A(nother) vegan in south-east Asia (again)

Remember that time when I rode around on the back of motorbikes with dubious brake systems in Vietnam? Good times.

On the streets of Hué

If you do remember, then you’ve been with me a long time. Kudos for sticking it out! I know, I know. Sorry not sorry for being a preachy-ass vegan high atop my elite fortress of moral superiority… To be fair, I was only a flaky-ass vegetarian when I was on the back of that bike. A few more months passed before I went vegan. I’d only just finished reading a first edition paperback copy of Animal Liberation by Peter Singer that I picked up in a second-hand bookshop in Laos a week or two before this photo was taken. Discovering utilitarianism was a start, I guess… almost. But I digress.

I’m on the cusp of another trip to south-east Asia. It’s part business trip, part mini-break, so you’re not going to see a great number of wacky Instagram photos of poolside cocktails or ridiculously large buckets of fruit or hiking adventures, but you will probably see some pics of delicious snacks and noodle dishes, museums and temples… and my kids doing kid stuff in foreign lands, which will be a new adventure – hopefully more fun than nightmarish for me… haha..?

So far Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia are on the itinerary. I’ll journal most of my travel at this blog instead of on paper this time… and instead of on my Livejournal of yester-decade… crikey, has it really been that long?

Stay tuned for some insightful cultural and political discourse and sexy food pics… Okay, probably mainly food pics, pretty scenery, and restaurant reviews. It all depends on how much sleep I get… and with kids in tow and a few timezone changes to contend with… well. We all know how that goes. I hope the hotel rooms have coffee-making facilities. Pray for me… by which I mean, as a fairly nihilistic atheist, please release your futile wishes into the void and take a lovely nap on my behalf if you can. You might miss that napping ability some day… which reminds me: I have to put earplugs on my shopping list.

See you in Singapore!

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