Vegan salads: not all leaves and twigs!

Vegan MoFo
Week 1: 1st-6th November 2016 Treat Yourself (and others)!
November 2nd: How to make friends – What’s your go to “impress me” meal?

Not to go for the obvious choice or anything… well, okay. Captain Obvious: AWAY!

Sorry… Not sorry, because you do win friends with salad, providing it’s not a bowl of sad, limp iceberg lettuce… and Lisa The Vegetarian is as brilliant a Simpsons episode as they come.

I typically use Ani Phyo‘s books for salad recipes because she is legit bawse af when it comes to creating salad recipes… as you’d hope from a raw vegan chef! Although her dessert recipes are also legit af due to her pregan background as a pastry chef… but I digress… because the following two salads are neither Ani Phyo’s recipes or entirely raw. I had a hankering for something a bit heartier – starchier! – today.

I’ve taken this potato and artichoke salad from Leah Leneman’s Vegan Cooking For Everyone to many lunches and it’s always been a hit! Normally I add capers, but today I went with chickpeas and a side of crusty baguette drizzled with garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkled with nooch and salt… mmm, cheesy deliciousness… Oops, I mean Gary deliciousness.

potato artichoke salad on a bed of red oak lettuce

… plus, Vegan Cooking For Everyone was the first vegan cookbook I ever bought so I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for it. #cookbooknerd Years ago I served this salad along with Ykillamoocow No Bull pies to my 86 year old Grandpa for lunch and he loved it!

So that was lunch today, and for dinner I made a salad from Leigh Drew’s Greenilicious that I’ve been planning to take to a mixed vegan/non-vegan potluck at the next opportunity: Char-grilled Zucchini and Basil Salad, with the optional add-in of pan-fried tofu to make the dish heartier.


A lovely light dish for a warm Spring evening. So simple!

You might remember Leigh Drew from such social media accounts as @zuckerbaby.1 on Instagram and from such cookbooks as Veganissimo and Wrapped In Pastry… check out her Patreon page for her next cookbook! I had lunch with Leigh recently at Mandala Organic Arts Cafe on the Gold Coast and she is delightful! SUPPORT HER OR ELSE. Hi, sorry. I can’t help it – her recipes are fab.

Leigh was interviewed by Australian musician Christine Anu on ABC Sydney yesterday for World Vegan Day: listen! She’s on within the 1st 20 minutes. (Note: this episode of Evenings expires in 6 days.)

And since I started this post with The Simpsons, I’ll end with it – to complete the circle.


… good luck with your presidential election, America. Sheesh.


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