Australian literature for kids

Most home education curricula and reading lists come out of the United States, which leaves us Australians a bit adrift on a sea of foreign literature – both because it’s North American culture and also because we aren’t familiar with a great deal of it from our own childhoods. This is both a good thing – we get to discover new literature! – and a bad thing – we want to share books from our own childhoods but it’s difficult to recall everything. Below is a list I’ve cobbled together of books I’m going to read with our children in the coming years, most by Australian authors. In the case of series, I’ll tend to read the first book with the children and they can read the following books in the series independently if they wish to pursue it.

Audrey of the Outback series – Christine Harris
Monster Blood Tattoo series – DM Cornish
Two Wolves (On The Run) – Tristan Bancks
His Dark Materials trilogy – Philip Pullman (UK born)
Blabber Mouth series – Morris Gleitzman (UK born)
Hating Alison Ashley – Robin Klein
The Key to Rondo series – Emily Rodda
Tanglewood – Margaret Wild
The Ill-Made Mute (Bitterbynde #1) – Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Playing Beatie Bow – Ruth Park
The Muddle-Headed Wombat – Ruth Park & Noela Young
Mary Poppins – PL Travers (set in UK)
The Sentimental Bloke – CJ Dennis (poet)

Independent reads
Andy Griffith – Storey Treehouse series
Anh Do – Weir Do series (Vietnamese born)
Annie Barrows – Ivy and Bean series
The Cabbage Patch Fib series – Paul Jennings

Eve Pownall – The Australia Book
Dreamtime storybooks – eg. The Rainbow Serpent, Gidja The Moon
Alison Lester – Are We There Yet? A Journey Around Australia

Patterns of Australia – Bronwyn Bancroft

Dis Information and Other Wikkid Myths – Karl Kruszelnicki
Please Explain – Karl Kruszelnicki
The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia – Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight


John Marsden – Tomorrow When The War Began series
Nick Earls – 40 Shades of Brown
Jaclyn Moriarty – Feeling Sorry for Celia (Ashbury/Brookfield #1)
Melina Marchetta – Saving Francesca
Venero Armanno – The Ghost of Love Street series

Black Founders: The Unknown Story of Australia’s First Black Settlers – Cassandra Pybus
Documentary: First Australians

UK reads
The Hobbit + The Lord of the Rings series – JRR Tolkien
Harry Potter series – JK Rowling
The Chronicles of Narnia series – CS Lewis

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