Hi there! I’m a┬áhuman. Maybe. A person of letters and a person of lettuce. Vegan since 2005 for the animals. I live in Australia… most of the time. Occasionally I pop up in Vietnam and other places… An ageing cat runs my world. I also live with my 2 children and my partner, a nerdy engineer.

My interests usually include veganism, ecology, cats, travel, literature, film, science fiction/fantasy, magic realism, young adult fiction, rockclimbing, HIIT, yoga, and home education. Past tertiary & postgrad studies include economics, law, information technology, journalism, politics, human rights, film, creative writing, electronic media, more creative writing, ethics, philosophy, nutrition. Current studies include astrophysics. Current work includes: writing, educating. I like all the things, I reject nothing… except mind-numbing drama, anti-scientific ideologies, and food with a face. Sentient beings are friends not food… and occasionally they can also be several-legged hairy enemies but I don’t eat my enemies either.

“Tahini Kill”? What’s that about? Riot grrrl music is good and food is good… also being aware of others and how all life interacts is good. Biodiversity is important. We won’t survive in a vacuum.

Contact: tahinikill at gmail, also on Twitter or Facebook.