Hi there! I’m a┬áhuman. Maybe. A person of letters/a person of lettuce. Vegan since 2005 for the animals. I live in Australia… most of the time. I’m one of the four Real Vegan Housewives of the apocalypse. I could be eating deep-fried potato or drinking coffee right now. I could also be chowing through banana berry nice cream or an undressed and extremely virtuous head of lettuce. I like all the things, I reject nothing… except bullying, mind-numbing drama, anti-scientific ideologies, and food with a face. Sentient beings are friends not food… and occasionally they can also be several-legged hairy enemies, but I don’t eat my enemies, either. Blaaaah.

What else goes here? I don’t know. Don’t worry about it. Cats. Bunnies. 2 children. A husband. Radical atheist like a fox in a foxhole who doesn’t watch Fox… okay, maybe I watch The X-Files occasionally. I want to believe… in a better world for everyone, regardless of their deity or lack thereof, regardless of their arbitrary country of birth, regardless of gender or sexuality or etc. Let’s be friends. Let’s use the tools we have to help each other… that includes our minds, our intellect, and not rejecting science, logic, and thereby safety, progress, adventure, life, love, our children, and the world around us. Let’s make magic happen in the real world.

My interests usually include: veganism, animal rights, human rights, cats, travel, literature, film, freethought, Vipassana, rockclimbing, yoga, homeschool, unschooling.

Past tertiary & postgrad studies include: economics, law, information technology, journalism, politics, human rights, film, creative writing, electronic media, more creative writing, ethics, philosophy, nutrition.

Current studies include: astrophysics.

Yep. I like all the stuff… That certainly doesn’t mean that I know all the stuff. But, as they say, the more you know… Well, the more you know, the more you know about how little you know, so, you know… Whatevs. As I said, I like stuff. And so it goes…

“Tahini Kill”…? What’s that about, you ask? Well… riot grrrl music is good. Intersectionality is good. Be aware of others.

Contact: tahinikill at gmail, also on Twitter or Facebook.