Long time, no bloggy

Recently I’ve been thinking about what I should do with this blog… or whether I should let it go. It’s been in different forms and different places on the internet over the years, from Livejournal to WordPress to Veganza and now here. I enjoy microblogging on Instagram but I’m not sure what to do with this space… so I’ll give it some more thought.

Friends, new and old: if you have any thoughts, please get in touch. Options I’ve been considering: book reviews + matching food; diet trials: vegan and veganised; and just some meandering journalling and miscellany that strikes me about work, life, the universe, everything, always carry a towel… But still, I’m not entirely sure I want to! I’ve been working on other projects off the internet – gasp! is such a thing even possible?! – and perhaps I’ll just concentrate on expanding those… In any case, love you all, friends out there in the internet ether. 🙂 Talk soon. xo

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