A(nother) vegan in south-east Asia (again)

Remember that time when I rode around on the back of motorbikes with dubious brake systems in Vietnam? Good times.

On the streets of Hué

If you do remember, then you’ve been with me a long time. Kudos for sticking it out! I know, I know. Sorry not sorry for being a preachy-ass vegan high atop my elite fortress of moral superiority… To be fair, I was only a flaky-ass vegetarian when I was on the back of that bike. A few more months passed before I went vegan. I’d only just finished reading a first edition paperback copy of Animal Liberation by Peter Singer that I picked up in a second-hand bookshop in Laos a week or two before this photo was taken. Discovering utilitarianism was a start, I guess… almost. But I digress.

I’m on the cusp of another trip to south-east Asia. It’s part business trip, part mini-break, so you’re not going to see a great number of wacky Instagram photos of poolside cocktails or ridiculously large buckets of fruit or hiking adventures, but you will probably see some pics of delicious snacks and noodle dishes, museums and temples… and my kids doing kid stuff in foreign lands, which will be a new adventure – hopefully more fun than nightmarish for me… haha..?

So far Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia are on the itinerary. I’ll journal most of my travel at this blog instead of on paper this time… and instead of on my Livejournal of yester-decade… crikey, has it really been that long?

Stay tuned for some insightful cultural and political discourse and sexy food pics… Okay, probably mainly food pics, pretty scenery, and restaurant reviews. It all depends on how much sleep I get… and with kids in tow and a few timezone changes to contend with… well. We all know how that goes. I hope the hotel rooms have coffee-making facilities. Pray for me… by which I mean, as a fairly nihilistic atheist, please release your futile wishes into the void and take a lovely nap on my behalf if you can. You might miss that napping ability some day… which reminds me: I have to put earplugs on my shopping list.

See you in Singapore!

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